How to nail your CV

A CV is the first time a business/ company will ever hear from you, so you want to make a big impression. You want to make sure that your CV reflects everything about you as both a person and potentially as an employee.

Your CV shouldn’t be more than two pages long and should only contain important information like skills, experience, and education you don’t want to bore the reader by having irrelevant information, but you want to only have the key good points so that the reader will keep your CV on top of the pile.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that might help you write that perfect CV


  • First and Last Name
  • Address (Not Full Address)
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Skills
  • Professional Profile Qualifications/Education
  • Professional Experience (Less than 10 Years)


  • Website
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Additional Experience
  • Hobbies
  • Own projects
  • Academic Achievements
  • Volunteers
  • Other information
  • Professional experience (+10 Years

Delete This

  • Professional Goals
  • Full address
  • Current Salary
  • Salary expectations
  • Martial status
  • Religion
  • Reductant degrees
  • Reference says “References available upon request”
  • Passport stamp
  • Nationality
  • Genre

You also want to make sure that your CV is up to date! You don’t want to send out an old CV with none of your up-to-date information as it does not reflect your current skills or experience. You also want to make sure that your CV is concise but informative like we said above you don’t want to bore the reader with too much irrelevant information.

A CV is a professional document so make sure the spelling and grammar are on point, proofread before you send it off to ensure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes.

We also have a blog post about the steps to create the perfect Cover Letter.

At the career coach, we can help you with creating the perfect CV along with many other things that will help you get that dream job.


If you would like some help get in contact with some of our career coaches below to find out more.


Linkedin is better than tinder, Here is how to make the most of it

Linkedin is a social network that focuses on professional networking and career development. The site has a free option but there is also paid a premium service that you can use which we will get into later on.

Linkedin is a great way to network and finds people with that you can connect with businesses and even use LinkedIn to recruit potential employees this is why creating a LinkedIn account could make a big difference when you are searching for your dream job.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your Linkedin Profile stand out

  1. Upload a Professional Photograph

Uploading a professional photograph seems like an easy and obvious thing to do, but so many people when setting up a LinkedIn profile puts up pictures when they are on nights out or on holidays which isn’t the vibe for Linkedin. You want to make sure the picture shows your face and make sure that you are smiling in the photograph and that the picture is of good quality.

       2. Create a personal URL

When you are setting up your profile on LinkedIn make sure that you also create a personal URL, Linkedin will give you a Custom URL but it will contain parts of your name and some numbers, all you have to do is just remove the numbers and just have your full name or add your middle name if your full name is already taken.

      3. Write a Small Description in your Bio

When employees are looking at your profile they want to find out as much about you as they possibly can before they contact you about a job opportunity, so in the bio of your profile it’s important to say what you are doing presently, like “Currently seeking new Job opportunity” “Social Media Marketing Manager at The Career Coach”

      4. Add your Skills and Qualities

There is a section on LinkedIn where you will be able to add your skills and qualities, and over time can add to those skills and qualities as you gain more experience.

      5. Making Connections

When you are making connections on LinkedIn make sure you are making ones that are in the same industry as you. You want to make connections  with people that have the interests and skillset as you and then a potential job opportunity or something big might come up.

     6. Keep the account up to date

You need to stay active on LinkedIn, by doing this post relevant content that is suited to both LinkedIn and to also your brand and image, Linkedin is a social media site where you are promoting yourself with everything that you post.

Regular V Premium


With the regular account you just have the basic services these are:

  • Find and connect with other people
  • Search for and view profiles
  • Receive messages


On LinkedIn, you also have access to premium service which has some cool features and benefits. To access this you have to pay €14.95 a month but if are unsure you can get a 30 free trial to try it out.

Here are some of the benefits of having a premium account:

  • Private Browsing
  • Applicant insights
  • Direct Messaging
  • Who viewed your profile
  • Unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning