Here Are Three Ways You Can Use Your Networks To Climb The Career Ladder.

Knowledge Sharing

Your networks can offer you knowledge on things you may have not known that you needed to know. They can offer you advice, on how to prepare for your interview or even offer to look at your CV as they are in the same industry as you. If they are not working in the same desired role you want, they can offer you advice on who to speak to in order to reach the right head of the department you want to work at. 

Gaining Connections

Our networks can offer us more people to reach out to which would then help you build a stronger chance to climb high on the ladder as these 2nd or third-level connections could be in a higher position to help you. 

It is important to be kind to the 1st connection who introduced you to these people, and introduce them to your connections also so they can also have opportunities as well.

Profile Visibility

Lastly, making as many connections as possible helps build your profile visibility, if you are attending a networking event, people will know who you are or even on LinkedIn, the more connections you have, the more visible you become to others, this means that you may get more invitations to connect or if it is in person due to your high profile, you may get more invites to attend places which brings more opportunities your way!

Doesn’t that sound great? Right? This is why you must use your networks. 

Put in the work and you get results; But remember, maintain the relationships you built, if you do not then you have lost a potential opportunity that could have been given to you.

 Remember that sometimes it’s not you, or the networking but the company itself, so if you want to change your career in 40 days or less , don’t hesitate to reach one of our Career Experts. Book a free call now

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