How to get the best out of remote working

When Covid struck, Irish businesses promptly followed state emergency procedures to shift all activities that did not require the supply of essential services inside people’s homes. According to Eurofound, Ireland had the second-highest percentage of persons working solely from home in the EU, after Belgium, at the peak of the epidemic in 2020.

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Why remote working is the future

And now in 2022, every major trend predicts a steady rise in remote work globally. Employees have grown accustomed to the freedom that remote work offers, and businesses are discovering that having access to talent outside of their local markets gives them a significant competitive edge. Employees are more likely to desire to work for a company that excels at remote work as time goes on.

Here are 7 top tips on how to be the most productive when working from home

  1. Create a dedicated work area. Create a dedicated workspace for yourself where you can concentrate on your job without being distracted. This area should be equipped with everything you need for a typical workday, including a computer, phone, stationery, papers, etc.
  2. Ensure you have all the necessary technology. Included are any data, hardware, and software required, a dependable and secure internet connection, remote access to your company’s network, and, most crucially, knowledge of how to get IT help.
  3. Request assistance as necessary. When you require help, more instruction, or support, let people know. You should be supporting one another as a team, especially when you work remotely, according to your management and coworkers.
  4. Get dressed. Putting on your work clothing will assist you in psychologically shifting into a productive working mentality. Additionally, it will assist you in separating “home working” from “home living.”
  5. Recognize when it’s time to leave your desk. Be specific about the start and end times of your working day and take breaks to recharge. When your home and workplace are in the same location, it’s simple to allow oneself to be “always on.” Make sure to shut off after work to prevent burnout. Consider establishing “core hours” during which the individuals you work with are present.
  6. Make a to-do list every day. Make a list of reasonable, doable chores to help you stay focused.
  7. Continue the conversation. Regularly participate in team conversations and group emails to avoid disappearing from view. Inquire about people’s projects and discuss what you have going on. Being physically apart makes it difficult to participate in “water-cooler moments,” so this is a way to stay informed.

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