How to turn an internship into a job offer

With no obligation to accept a permanent position, internships offer the perfect chance for you to try out several professions while accumulating priceless experience to accelerate your career development.

On the other hand, they’re also a great way for businesses to recruit a varied and ambitious talent pool that they can shape into future workers. Win-win situation.

The majority of businesses that offer internships do so to find new full-time employees. After all, you are more likely to fit into the company’s culture if you have previously worked there. Therefore, your chances of receiving a full-time job offer from the organization are already 70% higher if you are an intern there.

Having the chance to intern with your dream organisation is big! It is the secret to getting a full-time job offer after your internship. Don’t, however, get too enthusiastic just yet. Yes, you are getting closer to getting the job of your dreams. However, employers assess a variety of aspects to decide whether an intern is a good fit for the full-time role before making a job offer.


Here are the eight tactics that will enable you to convert this 70% opportunity into a full-time job that is 100% assured:

  1. Develop a strong rapport

It cannot be emphasized enough how crucial it is for interns to get along with their team. Even if you have a strong work ethic and accomplish everything properly, it won’t matter if your team enjoys working with you.

Bring your best effort to the table if you want to convert your internship into a full-time position. Develop a positive working relationship with your manager and other supervisors, and fit in with the corporate culture

  1. Be honest about your intentions

Meet with your manager when you first start your internship to learn the ropes. Find out exactly what your primary duties are, who needs to be informed of your progress, and whether you are permitted to participate in cross-departmental projects.

You can clarify the expectations with the aid of these job inputs. Plus, starting a dialogue that is transparent and open will help you avoid a lot of issues.

  1. Consider your internship as a big interview

Companies view interns as a fantastic method to bring in talent that could become permanent workers, much like an internship is a terrific way to “test” a profession.

Therefore, from day one, show a genuine interest in the mission, goals, and values of your firm and try to integrate yourself as much as you can into their culture and methods of operation. This will make it more difficult for them to imagine life after you when your internship ends.

How are you assisting the team in achieving its goals, ask yourself. Decide which company-wide problems you can assist in resolving. Do your utmost to establish yourself as a crucial asset for the company.

  1. Increase your network of business connections

Your network is what makes you rich!

Establish relationships with your customers, coworkers, bosses, and other interns. Because your chances of obtaining a full-time position increase as more people recognize your importance in the organization.

Send a message or give your coworkers a call just to chat and get to know them better. While you’re still in the running, connect with employees on LinkedIn.

Even if you aren’t hired by the company after your internship, you will have expanded your network, which could be very helpful in the future.

  1. Gain knowledge from others as much as you can

Programs for internships are designed to give you practical work experience. But if you don’t seize this opportunity with both hands, what good is it?

Show that you are interested in every aspect of the firm; take advantage of the chance to learn more about your interests, as long as doing so benefits the organization. You might discover a hidden interest by being curious, and you can also show the company that you’re interested in the opportunity.

This experience can also teach you a lot about who you are and what you need to work on. It’s never a terrible idea to ask your managers and supervisors for criticism of your work performance and suggestions for development. It’s also a terrific method to demonstrate your open-minded approach to your profession.

  1. Set objectives and put forward a significant amount of effort

Another tactic that works both ways is to set goals, take pride in your work, and be explicit about your duties. Each day and week will end with you feeling content, and this will show in how well you perform.

One of the most important qualities that employers look for is a strong work ethic, and this is a fantastic way to show it without stating it out loud.

If you are looking for internships, here are some of the best places to find great opportunities;

● LinkedIn

● Indeed

● Glassdoor

● Or send an email to the hiring manager of a company you are interested in about a possible internship

Here at The Career Coach, we have 2 internship programs, Sales and Digital Marketing, which are great opportunities for students to learn all about what is involved in the career and get hands-on experience.


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