I was made redundant and doubled my salary

In light of the recent lay-offs from multiple tech companies, leaving many people stranded and completely lost. As a few examples we have:

  • 50% of Twitter
  • 33% of Gem
  • 18% of Opendoor
  • 15% of Pleo
  • 14% of Stripe
  • 12% of Chime
  • 5% of HootSuite

And the list continues… but now is the perfect time to reassess your career and make that big leap to pursue your dream career

When you think of job-hoppers, you often picture recent college grads. However, evidence demonstrates that, regardless of where you are in your career or how long you have been in the job, changing professions at the proper time can be a wise choice.

redundant and doubled my salary

Changing jobs can be a risky proposition. Perhaps you feel trapped in your present circumstance because you have doubts about your capacity to find a new career. The majority of people do, in fact, get income increases when they change employment. Additionally, people who remain in the same place for longer than two years typically earn less money.

40% of workers who took a new job reported a pay increase of up to 50% . While wage growth is only 3.1% for those who remain in their current position, it is 5.8% for those who change occupations. On paper, this may not seem like much, but those who remain in their current positions only receive roughly half of the pay rise.

You lost your job now what?

● Take time for yourself

Sometimes if easy to get lost in time, and forget about our goals and what we really want to get from our day-to-day. So, take this as an opportunity to know what you really want from a job, what you like to do and try new things. Go somewhere new, change the environment, and make some redecorations. This will help you to clear your mind and get a new perspective.

● Set your career goals

What is your ideal job, what are you good at, and what do you enjoy doing? You don’t have to become a manager to progress, you need to be motivated and happy to do so. If you want to become an expert at visual design, for example, focus your energy on that. Set the expectations and work towards your goal. If you don’t know what your goals are, try different things to better understand what drives you. As Jeff Bezos famously says most decisions we make are 2-way doors, you can always go back. (by Fabricio Teixeira)

● Networking

Start to connect and talk with people who have the work you would love to have, what is their experience, and assist to events. LinkedIn is not only to brag about your new certificate, there are lots of opportunities, likeminded people and events that will help you to grow in your career

Why are you waiting???

Although getting a salary increase is a huge benefit of changing your job, there are also other great benefits which include:

  • Growing your connections and network
  • Gaining more experience
  • Career satisfaction in your new career
  • Better work-life balance
  • Building your confidence
  • A new work environment

If you are one of the people or you know someone who has been made redundant from their job, we wanted to let you know we are offering a FREE CV review, so you can find your next opportunity..

If you know you want to change your career but are not sure exactly how to go about it, do not worry. We, The Career Coach have a tailored program for people who want to change their careers with ease. Are you looking for a Change?

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