Work Overload: Can You Avoid It?

How can we avoid being piled up with work when it just keeps coming our way?

Throughout almost all of my working years, I found a struggle to balance all of the objectives that have been thrown my way; I would feel so guilty about not having specific tasks done, I would end up doing overtime and missing a chance to spend more time with the kids.

By the time I would arrive home, they would be sound asleep… except for me, I would do even more work at home.

But how do we avoid it? First, we have to understand what causes it.

Work overload occurs when demands on a person’s time and resources are greater than their capacity to handle the demands of their job. Work overload is a metaphor for the burden of hours worked, the time sacrificed, and the sense of annoyance at not being able to do chores in the allotted time.

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